Budget for internet freedom this March with a matching fundraiser!

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What is a donation matching program?

IFF is a non-profit organisation that seeks to advance fundamental rights with technology. We help preserve the open internet. Our work is funded on individual giving from Indians who are helping us scale up.

We are excited that Amod Malviya is committing a donor matching program. Amod is a seasoned technologist and a respected entrepreneur. This donor matching program is a 1:1 match which runs from March 1st till March 31st. Basically, every time you give us 1 rupee (that enters our account between March 1st and March 31st) it is matched by Amod up to a limit of 3 lakhs.

So donate generously and remember, all donations to IFF are tax exempt and help you claim a write off (up to 50% as per permissible limits). Let us give back to the internet! Keep it free, open and healthy!


Where can I find more financial information about IFF?

Right here:

  • Financial and regulatory transparency
  • Pro-active monthly disclosures

How can I help out IFF?

If you are an individual or organisation that is interested in donating to IFF or even hosting our donate link or page on your app or website do reach out to us. Other ideas? Email us at [email protected] We are bootstrapped, a non-profit completely funded by Indians and need all the help we can get.