Response to Rajeev Chandrasekhar’s detailed comments to TRAI on the regulation on differential pricing

Mr Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Honourable Member of Parliament from Bangalore, has been a vocal proponent of Net Neutrality and has shared common cause with the Coalition for some time. We are deeply appreciative of his support for our cause. Subsequent to TRAI’s regulation on differential pricing [http://www. Statement on outcome of TRAI consultation on Differential Pricing of Data Services coalition welcomes TRAI order on differential pricing issues of Net Neutrality The Coalition would like to again thank the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India and its chairman Mr RS Sharma for initiating the consultation on Differential Pricing for data services by issuing the consultation paper on

Press Release: Over 500 startups sign’s letter urging Prime Minister Narendra Modi to uphold net neutrality

Startups join hands to congratulate the PM for Startup India and Digital India, but stress on the importance of net neutrality to achieve initiatives 25 January 2016: Over 500 startup founders from across India have signed a letter asking for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s continued support for net neutrality.

Press Release: STI helps users inform Facebook that they were not informed

The Coalition has launched a tool which helps people inform Facebook directly, with a notice to TRAI, that Facebook failed to pass TRAI’s message to them. Over 300 people have used this tool within an hour of it becoming available. The tool is available at www.savetheinternet.

What Facebook won't tell you about FreeBasics

The top 10 facts about FreeBasics 1. There are other successful models (this [], this [] , this []) for providing free Internet access to people, without giving a competitive advantage to

Statement on TRAI's order that Reliance temporarily suspend Free Basics

The coalition welcomes news reports indicating that the TRAI has ordered Reliance Communications to temporarily suspend operation of the Free Basics zero rating programme given that its current consultation process is on. As repeatedly stated by us, the TRAI and the Government need to speedily put in place

If you've been misprepresented by Facebook

Several people have informed us of instances where they've been incorrectly shown as supporting Facebook's FreeBasics, when they don't. Please see the footnote for examples. One way of addressing this situation is to email TRAI to correct your stand. You can do two things: Firstly, tell the TRAI that Facebook's

STI Statement on Mark Zuckerberg’s townhall at IIT Delhi

Dear Mark Zuckerberg, We thank you for your recent visit and your continued interest in India. As a group of volunteers part of the Save the Internet Campaign, we have been engaging on the issue of Network Neutrality for much of the past year. It is a matter of distress

Status update (Sept 15th 2015)

tl;dr New TRAI Chief is open to VoIP licensing. DoT waiting for TRAI process to end. TRAI open houses sessions haven't even been announced. Parliamentary Standing Committee process is still on. Google and FB support Zero Rating. Need more Internet Industry support. FB spending lots of money promoting Internet.

Internet’s Independence Day: Comment on MyGov for #NetNeutrality

Update: We have 5 more days to comment. The deadline for comments on MyGov has been extended to 20th August. Some sample comments below. The process: 1. Register [] on the website 2. Sign into [] 3. Visit