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Dear parliamentarians, we are not affiliated with any political party. Net neutrality affects everyone.

The Internet has become an integral part of all of our lives. We use it to do our work, connect with people and gain knowledge. You, our representatives, and your parties, also use it to gather research about the issues faced by your constituents, the challenges faced by different parts of our country, and the expert knowledge needed to legislate for India’s future and shape our national decisions. You use it to communicate directly with your supporters. But today, the Internet in our country
22 April, 2015
3 min read

Why does #SaveTheInternet hate free?

We don’t. We love free stuff as much as you do. We love Wikipedia for the stupendous volume of human knowledge it is, and can only wish that everyone in the world has access to it for as low a cost as possible (all costs considered, from phone to data plan). We love our free torrents too. Who can hate free stuff? Why would we deny someone else getting something for free, whether it’s free data or free services? Our concern is with who gets to decide what you should have for free. WhatsApp is
21 April, 2015
5 min read


A Response to #airtelpledge

On April 18th, Airtel sent a letter, called #airtelpledge (read []), to all its employees and all its postpaid users, making some claims and promises about Airtel Zero. We’re addressing a few claims made in the letter here: 1. Airtel said that it is committed to Net Neutrality. However, Airtel cannot be committed to Net Neutrality while simultaneously violating it. The TRAI consultation paper (read [
20 April, 2015
5 min read

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