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To Flipkart, Google, Microsoft and Cleartrip, You've been invited to depose before the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Net Neutrality, according to a notice on the Standing Committee website (via @ianuragthakur). We, at Savetheinternet.in, would strongly urge you to take a stand in favour of Net Neutrality: against any form

Ask Airtel some questions today

Bharti Airtel Limited is hosting an earnings call today (Wednesday, August 5). The Mint reports that Airtel’s profits rose 40%, beating analysts’ estimates. Mobile data revenue has increased 56.9% and usage has grown 83%. Only three months ago, the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI), of which Airtel

Status update (July 2nd 2015)

Hi, just thought I'd give you guys a lowdown on where we are with the Net Neutrality battle in India. I might edit this later with more details. tl;dr It's not over yet. TRAI process is paused, DoT report looks very worrying, Standing Committee process is on, Digital India

Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg Regarding Internet.org, Net Neutrality, Privacy, and Security

Savetheinternet.in has signed this open letter to Mark Zuckerberg, from digital rights organizations and groups from across the world: Dear Mark Zuckerberg, We, the undersigned, share a common concern about the launch and expansion of Facebook’s Internet.org platform and its implications for the open Internet around the

The Consultation process must continue: too early for litigation

Last week through press reports we have come to know about a group called the INIEWA which is run by Mr. Varun Bajaj sent a legal notice to the Department of Telecom. These press reports state that INIEWA shares the goal of various internet users in India to safeguard net

The Basics of Net Neutrality

The debate on net neutrality is at its fiercest these days. The debate is also chaotic and noisy. While over 10 lakh individuals have written to TRAI favouring Net Neutrality, the operators have compared this massive response with something akin to a mob, asking the TRAI to decide the issue

Questions for the COAI and Indian telecom CEO's. #sabkequestions

Today's the last day for filing your submissions with the TRAI on its Consultation paper for Internet applications and services. The Cellular Operators Association of India, and the Telecom industry CEOs, who pushed for this consultation, are hosting a press conference today in Delhi at Hotel Lalit at 11.30

Over One Million Submissions to TRAI in 12 Days

Unprecedented public response in India’s policy making history Citizens, businesses, startups and political leaders demand #NetNeutrality Volunteer-led “Save The Internet” Showcases Internet-enabled Model of Public Participation 23 April, Delhi - The SaveTheInternet.in Coalition, a group of over 50 volunteers from across India, concerned about safeguarding an open Internet

The people behind #SaveTheInternet

In alphabetic order: Aakriti Bhargava, Akshay S Dinesh, Amba Kak, Apar Gupta, Aravind Ravi-Sulekha, Arpit Agarwal, Ishan Sharma, Jafar Muhammed, Karthik Balakrishnan, Kashmira Chawak, Kiran Jonnalagadda, Mishi Choudhary, Mitesh B Ashar, Nikhil Pahwa, Nilesh Trivedi, Rachita Taneja, Raman Chima, Rohin Dharmakumar, Samarendra M Hedaoo, Santosh Kumar, Sandeep Pillai, Saptarishi Datta,

Joint statement on Net Neutrality and the TRAI consultation paper by IIT and IISc professors

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