Joint Statement: Ensure equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines and health care resources

As India battles the second wave of COVID-19, 1500+ people and organisations are calling on the government to ensure that the vaccination process focuses on increasing reach and accessibility, that there are no onerous ID requirements, and that health data is not misused.

#DataProtectionTop10: Impostors under the Personal Data Protection Bill

In post 2 of the #DataProtectionTop10 series, we examine provisions on government access to non-personal data and setting up of privacy sandboxes, and discuss potential changes that could be made to include a more rights based perspective on non-personal data.

#StartFromScratch: The data bill series, part 1!

This is the first blogpost in our series on the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019, as we explain what the Bill is, what concerns have been raised about it, and what we can expect after its implementation. Do check out our social media to see the corresponding videos.