Defending the digital republic: Join IFF’s Board of Trustees at this pivotal moment for digital rights in India

Join IFF’s Board to build the Digital Republic at a crucial moment for digital rights in India. Help us defend the digital republic at a pivotal moment for digital rights in India

26 January, 2023
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The Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF) is an impact-focused Indian digital rights organization. Its mission as a fearless advocate for every Indian has become critical given the vast scope of digitisation that provides opportunities but also concentrates power. IFF occupies a unique position to advance constitutional rights within a shared, collective vision for a free and open internet that is funded by thousands of Indians. We are, for the first time, seeking to expand our board and invite passionate and committed individuals who are excited about the chance this offers to shape the future of the Indian internet in an increasingly digital world.

In its Resolution dated 10 June 2022, IFF’s Board of Trustees resolved to induct two trustees, having a maximum term limit of six years. These commitments were made in view of IFF’s role as a public-centered organization and a historical underrepresentation of communities and identities. We encourage applications from diverse backgrounds of caste, economic ability, religion, gender and sexual orientation. Trustees enjoy the same rights and responsibilities on voting and determining the organizational path of IFF as Founder Trustees. Trustees are not provided any remuneration for their service in conjunction with tax regulations and IFF’s status as a charitable trust.

The role of the board is to support IFF’s mission. It oversees the governance of IFF, particularly its financial management. The Board also provides direction on devising strategic plans, determines organizational policies, and participates in resource mobilization. Additionally, the Board advises the Executive Director on goal-setting and reviews progress at regular intervals.

What are we looking for?

  1. Candidates for IFF’s Board of Trustees must align with and believe in IFF’s mission, core organizational values and work.
  2. Candidates will primarily serve to provide governance advice, thought leadership and help grow and make IFF’s networks diverse. They must have demonstrable experience in leadership roles in fundraising,  grassroots organizing and strategic decision making. These fields can be, but are not limited to, academia, activism, philanthropy, and the corporate sector.
  3. While candidates are not required to have formal qualifications and experience in tech-policy and IFF’s areas of work, they must have a keen interest in and passion for digital rights. They must hold a clear belief that digital technologies are a form of power with the possibility for individual liberty and social welfare.
  4. The ideal candidate will possess personal qualities that contribute to and strengthen IFF’s organizational culture—including courage, collegiality, integrity, a commitment to diversity and equity, and the ability to stay calm in challenging situations.


  1. Candidates must be able to commit time to prepare for and participate in all board activities. This may range up to as much as 6-8 meetings a year (conducted primarily through video conference for 1-2 hours), regular email correspondence and in future leading committees on regulatory and strategic decision making.
  2. Candidates must meet due diligence requirements as outlined in Appendix A of IFF’s By-laws. They must disclose any potential conflicts of interest and may be excluded from selection on the basis of these conflicts.
  3. IFF actively seeks to promote inclusivity and diversity in its leadership  from people otherwise left out of positions of authority. It encourages applications from women, members of caste-based, religious, and sexual minorities, and people from all regions. As improving representational diversity is one of our primary goals as we seek to expand the board, this forms one of the core criterias for our evaluation process.

We encourage you to apply here and also share this with your networks. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected]

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