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The Internet Freedom Foundation is hosting a fundraiser to grow the litigators network around digital rights in India. The aim of the fundraiser is to expand and extend IFF's strategic litigation resources and be able to provide legal assistance to groups requesting for specific help. Through this fundraiser, we hope to be able to cover the annual salary of one litigation team member.

IFF follows an integrated approach towards strategic litigation that advances our constitutional values. We strategically engage with courts, regulators, and other legal institutions across India to defend our fundamental rights. Some recent instances of our work include - providing legal assistance to LiveLaw (on their petition challenging part III of the of the Intermediary Rules), Fridays for Future India (facing website blocking with threat of action under anti-terrorism laws), the Indian Journalists Union (defending the right to report in a specific defamation suit) and supporting journalist bodies in multiple rounds of litigation relating to the continuing internet blockade in Jammu & Kashmir. More on IFF’s strategic litigation here:

Help IFF build strengthen its strategic litigation vertical by making a contribution today. Your contribution will help us meet the challenges of the moment, so we can continue to protect your digital liberties with compassion, excellence and accountability. Fund Digital Rights. Fund IFF!

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We need all hands on deck. If you are an individual or organisation that is interested in our work, reach out to us. Join the Internet Freedom Forum and interact directly with the IFF staff and leadership. Get involved in sustained conversations on digital rights with the larger community. You can also write to us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

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