Help the TRAI set its digital priorities for 2019 #AskTRAI

Just about to step into December, we all like to start planing for next year. As per news reports India’s telecom regulator, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) likes to do it as well. It has started a process for setting its priorities for 2019 and is meeting telecom companies. We believe that such planning is good, and it can be better if they heard from internet users as well.

Yesterday, to put this request across formally we wrote a letter to the TRAI. We are asking them to invite a greater diversity of views beyond telecom companies in private meetings. This must include internet users. We are seeking to crowdsource complaints, wishes and requests and to substantiate them with our policy expertise and taking them to the TRAI.

Tell us what issues bother you?

What would like to see the TRAI do in 2019? Tell us, in a tweet, a facebook message or by good ol’ email. Do not feel shy, reach out and let us know what is bothering you.

Link to our correspondence

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