IFF urges Justice Srikrishna to Save Our Privacy

Today, the Internet Freedom Foundation, an organization born from the SaveTheInternet.in movement for Net Neutrality, filed its submission to the Justice Srikrishna Committee on Data Protection. This committee which has been tasked with framing India's data protection law is an important step in ensuring the online privacy for people in India.

  • Earlier IFF through the, "Privacy is a Right" page had summarised a voluminous white paper and outlined how the public could engage with it (link).

Our submission to the Srikrishna Committee is premised on advancing privacy as a human right through a comprehensive data protection law. We believe India stands at an important crossroad where it needs to consider the future of data protection from the perspective of safeguarding individual rights. To do so we have adopted a joint submission made by over twenty lawyers and legal academics that have recommended several guiding principles for such a legislation.

  • Link to the lawyers and legal academics submission (link).

  • Link to the IFF submission (link).

About us

The Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF) is an non-profit organisation that supports and advocates for a free and open Internet. We are a group of volunteers from the SaveTheInternet.in movement. We come from all over India, from different backgrounds and fields, including technology, law, policy, design, journalism. We aim to promote the rights of Internet users – freedom of speech, privacy, net neutrality and freedom to innovate.

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