Live and let Live: The Supreme Court releases draft rules for live streaming of court proceedings

The e-Committee has released draft rules for live streaming of all proceedings in all courts. We strongly welcome this step, and offer small changes which can further improve the Rules.
18 June, 2021
8 min read


Revealed: RTI Request uncovers MeitY letters to Twitter asking to remove the ‘manipulated media’ tag

We were provided copies of two letters from MeitY to Twitter, which do not cite any provision of law, but have asked Twitter to refrain from implementing its policy and process of affixing the ‘Manipulated Media’ tag on tweets.
18 June, 2021
5 min read

Analysing the NDHM’s Health Data Management Policy: Part 1

We have drafted a working paper on the National Digital Health Mission’s Health Data Management Policy with the Centre for Health Equity, Law, and Policy. This post is part 1 of our analysis.
17 June, 2021
9 min read

On the need for citizen oriented growth in the telecom sector

IFF submitted comments to TRAI's Supplementary Consultation Paper on Roadmap to Promote Broadband Connectivity and Enhanced Broadband Speed. Here, we highlighted the need for direct performance based incentives and about issues with public wifi networks that must be addressed.
14 June, 2021
5 min read

Our recommendations to protect Indians against data breaches

In view of the rise in data breaches, we write to MEITY with recommendations to prevent data breaches and provide redressal against them.
11 June, 2021
7 min read

Madras High Court issues notice in petition challenging the Intermediary Rules 2021 by T. M. Krishna

Madras High issued notice on a writ petition by T.M. Krishna challenging the Intermediary Rules 2021.
10 June, 2021
4 min read


Digital Transparency: A Right to Information Report for May, 2021

Since our last report in the month of April, IFF has filed 32 RTI requests and 1 first appeal. Here, we give you an overview of the requests filed and explain why demanding transparency from government authorities is one of the key elements in our fight to protect digital rights.
08 June, 2021
5 min read

Delhi High Court issues directions on suggestions to improve the CoWIN platform #VaccinesForAll

Delhi High Court issued a series of directions offered by the Amicus, Senior Advocate Rajshekhar Rao on a note prepared by IFF. Hopefully it will soon lead to massive improvements including alternate modes or registration, co-win becoming more accessible, multilingual and having a privacy policy.
07 June, 2021
6 min read


#DataProtectionTop10: Protecting whistleblowers, digital security researchers, and vulnerability testers

In Part 10 of the #DataProtectionTop10 series, we discuss the need for protection of whistleblowers, digital security researchers, and vulnerability testers. We recommend that the Bill make suitable amendments to provide clear provisions detailing such protections.
04 June, 2021
8 min read


Facial Recognition Laws in China #ProjectPanoptic

In the third part of our series on FRT regulation around the world, we will take a look at what are the existing laws regulating FRT in China, the reality of FRT development & use by it and how it affects India.
03 June, 2021
7 min read

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