r/India for IFF: We're Raising 2 Lakhs in 2 Weeks!

We have raised Rs. 1,79,450/2,00,000 so far

r/India Stands Up for Your Digital Freedom

From May 23, 2023 to June 6, 2023 we’re hosting a fundraiser for IFF on r/India to raise 2 lakhs in 2 weeks. We’re calling on the r/India community to support our mission to advance and preserve fundamental rights for every Indian in a digital society.

Why Support Us?

We were born from the SaveTheInternet movement that successfully mobilised one million Indians to win against big tech.

If we come together, we can win again.

For the next two weeks, we’re going to be sharing instances where we’re created impact, hosting AMAs (exciting announcements to follow!), and giving away goodies for every donation over INR 5000.

Donation Goodies
INR 5000+ Stickers
INR 10,000+ Stickers and post cards
INR 20,000+ Stickers, post cards, and a tee shirt

Whether it’s challenging unlawful internet shutdowns, protecting free speech on the internet, or fighting arbitrary website blockings, we’ve got your back. But, we can't do this work alone. Our average monthly expenses are 8 lakhs and we’re usually able to meet about 50% of our expenditure each month. Over half our funds come from individual donors like you. In the past, the r/India community has consistently supported us, encouraged us, and championed our work. Now, if you believe what we do has value, we’re asking you to make sure that we can keep doing it.

How Do We Use Our Funds?

We know that our work would not be possible without the support of our community. Your donation goes toward our operational costs and staff salaries— without you, we literally would not be able to keep doing the work that we do.

Trust and transparency are core values for IFF. Each month, we proactively publish our financial disclosures. In addition to this, we also make publicly available our balance sheets, finance manual, and internal process guides. We have a standing call with our members each quarter, where we brief them on all our work in the past four months. So, when you donate to IFF, you know that your work funds impact.

Donate to IFF

Help IFF scale up by making a donation for digital rights. Really, when it comes to free speech online, digital privacy, net neutrality and innovation — we got your back!