is live.


  • Background: A large number of website blockings have been conducted by various ISP's sprinkled around the country with no legal justification for these actions.
  • Materials: In our previous posts, you will find that we have been gathering evidence from our online reporting tool of website blocking. Based on this, we have made brief summaries of the scope of these blockings. To understand the gravity of this situation, we also explain why and how net neutrality is violated through these blockings.

You may have observed how Net neutrality has been on the fritz in India over the last few months. We have witnessed blatant violations through website blockings across a variety of ISP's. So what good is our victorious net neutrality win if it’s not being enforced? For this reason, we informed you of our decision to re-activate #SaveTheInternet. Today, is live to demand action.

Over the past 2 months, we have received reports of website blockings across ISPs demonstrating network interference. What was shocking was there is no enforcement of India’s hard fought victory on Net Neutrality. We explained why this is a violation and the desperate need for an enforcement mechanism (Read here for more). It is for this reason, we ask you to sign the, “Take Action Petition” on  It makes it possible for individuals and organisations to show support to a list of joint demands, which are then sent to the relevant government offices. This allows us to move beyond email support for net neutrality to active petitioning. In addition to this, we also ask you to send us reports on website blockings and other forms of network interference (latency, slowing down particular forms of traffic). We will examine these reports and consider filing formal complaints and ensure TRAI and DOT devise the necessitated enforcement mechanisms. We will make all possible efforts to maintain our title as the country with the strongest net neutrality laws.

Over the past 4 years many people, organisations & groups helped the net neutrality victory in India under the banner of #SaveTheInternet. We thank them all and hope to make their labour move towards actual enforcement. A small homage in recognition.