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IFF explains DigiYatra: Turbulence ahead

In the second part of our series on the Ministry of Civil Aviation's DigiYatra Scheme, we analyse how the collected personal data may end up commercialised even as the Scheme fails to deliver on its promised convenience.

The dangers of DigiYatra & facial recognition enabled paperless air travel #SaveOurPrivacy

You may think that using your face as a boarding pass would make travelling so much better. However, can it have a downside as well? Read our explainer to know more.

Telangana High Court issues notice in India’s first legal challenge to the deployment of Facial Recognition Technology

Telangana High Court has issued notice in a petition by Mr. S.Q. Masood challenging the deployment of Facial Recognition Technology in Telangana. IFF provided legal support.

One year of #ProjectPanoptic

As we celebrate the one year anniversary of our Project Panoptic, we take a look back at everything we have been able to achieve through the project and what we aim to do moving forward.

Project Panoptic has partnered with Amnesty International & Article 19 to launch #BanTheScan in India

IFF's Project Panoptic has partnered with Amnesty International and Article 19 to launch the #BanTheScan campaign against the rampant proliferation of facial recognition use in Hyderabad.

We wrote to the Govt. of Meghalaya against the use of FRT for verification of pensioner's identities

We provided support to Mr. Jade Jeremiah Lyngdoh, a law student, in drafting a letter to the Govt. of Meghalaya in which we highlighted the possible privacy concerns of using FRT to verification of pensioners' identity.

Government endorses the use of facial recognition for “touchless” vaccination process

We filed an RTI application with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to verify reports about the government using facial recognition technology (FRT) for the verification of beneficiaries of the COVID-19 vaccines. In their response the Ministry confirmed the use of FRT.

From investigation to conviction: How does the Police use FRT?

In this post, we look at how the Police uses facial recognition technology based on its accuracy rates as well as analyse the admissibility of FRT based evidence in courts.

Facial Recognition Laws in China #ProjectPanoptic

In the third part of our series on FRT regulation around the world, we will take a look at what are the existing laws regulating FRT in China, the reality of FRT development & use by it and how it affects India.

Hyderabad Police force people to remove their masks before photographing them. We sent a legal notice. #SaveOurPrivacy

Hyderabad Police is forcing people to remove masks and photographing them. We sent a legal notice to the Police Commissioner about this.