Volunteer for Digital Freedom

The very birth of IFF, comes from a volunteer group that ran the SaveTheInternet.in campaign and volunteers remain an integral part of accomplishing the impossible! Volunteers work with staff and with each other with, co-own and execute projects and get prominent credit and good karma! To enable every Indian to participate and own a part of our efforts to ensure digital rights we are clearly listing out some priority areas where we can use your help.

The first of our two asks from volunteers is for fundraising. IFF’s primary challenge is to raise funds and meet its organizational expenses sustainably. Here, our belief is that each person comes with a network of family, friends and colleagues. Such communities can provide us the support we need by hosting collection drives and fundraisers around occasions such as birthdays or Independence day (also, IFF’s founding day).

Tech & Design
The second area where we have benefited tremendously from volunteers has been their technical skills of full stack development, UI and design such as setting up websites that we often use for transparency projects or petitioning. It also comes from our limited resources to build and manage technical implementations but has not set up back with an active group of volunteers that contribute regularly.

Just take Shivam's work on how he set up the Panoptic.in tracker that today catalogs and provides transparency on facial recognition projects in India.

Even if it does not fit within these needs, we encourage you to write to us, since that may just lead to a collaboration. For instance, about two years ago Ishita wrote to us and we worked with her to create India’s first privacy oriented card game.

We'll also email you projects to contribute to as we work on them. Stay in touch for community events, updates, and more. So, whether it is long term, or in short bursts, we invite you to join us. Click here to fill our volunteer sign-up form,  and find our volunteer guide here.

Donate to IFF

Help IFF scale up by making a donation for digital rights. Really, when it comes to free speech online, digital privacy, net neutrality and innovation — we got your back!