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We have completed the fundraiser and successfully raised Rs.258400 that will be matched by Nemo

I’m Nemo and it’s my birthday today (29th Dec). Instead of celebrating my birthday amidst a pandemic, I’d really love it if you could make it my best birthday ever by donating to the IFF (I’m matching donations!)

Privacy and citizen rights are things I care deeply about. The IFF has been fighting for these for the last few years, not just in court, but also on the internet - spreading word, doing explainer videos and much more.

I personally believe that a free and open internet is critical to a society. Which is why I’ve made projects like Sanskari Proxy, and documented internet blocks in various ISPs. A fractured or censored internet is antithetical to a modern society, yet India sees a huge number of Internet Blocks (both legally and extra-judicially). IFF has been fighting this, and needs your help to stay in the ring.

You might have heard recently about the Aadhaar/Voter ID linkage bill being passed. We’ve seen exclusions happening because of such linkages in the past, and our democracy is at risk as voters will get disenfranchised.
To wear my security hat for a second: using a proof of residence for anything that relates to citizenship is a terrible terrible idea. The IFF has already started to fight this in court, and they need your help!

The IFF functions through a (kind of awesome) donation subscription model. However, the recent RBI mandate was a hard hit that stopped 70% of their regular donations from coming in. Please consider donating to
this fundraiser and help IFF keep its ship sailing smoothly. No amount is too small!

Since it’s my birthday, I’m matching any donations made today - so if you pitch in 5000 rupees, I will match it and donate 5000 as well, so it doubles your donation. The money we raise today will help IFF sustain their work to 2022 - please donate for a better tomorrow.

IFF's work is entirely people-centric and people-funded and we rely on the support of our community to help us raise awareness and funds for our work. Your support is extremely important for us to continue working with autonomy and passionate commitment to digital rights.

We are still Rs. 5 lakhs away from the fundraiser target. Help us reach the target before the year ends!

Here's how you can host a fundraiser for IFF:

Hosting a fundraiser for IFF can be your way of joining this crucial, timely, and urgent fight for our digital rights. While systemic fundraising brings in the resources and finances that are key for our strategic litigation, policy, and digital literacy work, hosting a fundraiser paves the way to build a sense of community and enhances engagement with the cause which, in IFF’s case, is the ultimate one upon which everything else is founded - the constitutional rights of the people of India!

We understand that the idea of hosting a fundraiser may seem daunting and that you may have several questions on how to start, whom to contact, and what to ensure in order to turn your efforts into a mutual success. Here's a quick guide to help you every step of the way!

You can start by filling up this form or write to us at [email protected] and our fundraising team will help you set up a fundraiser.

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