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Help IFF scale up by making a donation for digital rights. Really, when it comes to free speech online, digital privacy, net neutrality and innovation -- we got your back!

Please review our donation terms and conditions. Currently, we only accept donations from Indian citizens, through an Indian bank or card. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].


Become an IFF member to help sustain the fight for internet freedom. We ask for your support to our corpus to fight in courts, legislative bodies and regulators for ordinary Indian internet users like you.

We offer several tiers of membership. In addition to knowing that you're helping to keep digital rights alive, members receive quicker and more in-depth updates and some small tokens of our appreciation.

Membership Plans:

Internet Freedom Starter Internet Freedom Saathi Internet Freedom Supporter Internet Freedom Champion Internet Freedom Fighter Internet Freedom Visionary
Monthly email updates
Membership letter and card
IFF Supporter Stickers
IFF Champion Stickers and Mug
IFF Fighter Stickers, Mug and Notebook
Quarterly donors call with IFF leadership
IFF Visionary PowerPlay Card Game
Choose a membership (monthly) ₹100 ₹250 ₹600 ₹1000 ₹1500 ₹2000

Payment Method

Credit Card and UPI
Debit and Net Banking (E-Mandate)

In case you are having trouble signing up for the IFF membership, please drop us a line at [email protected] and we'll help you out!


Why are you asking for my money?

We are champions for the free and open internet which is vital to the fundamental rights and economic opportunity for a growing number of Indians who are connected online. It is important that the core base of our financial support comes from a donor base of ordinary internet users like you.

What does IFF plan to do with public funding?

IFF is going to scale up its work in three important ways. We will first build public campaigns, second engage strategically with institutions and finally organise a large cadre of volunteers. All three tasks need high quality staff and financial stability to win on our digital right battles. This is only possible with your financial support.

What does my membership letter and card get me?

Your membership card and letter is a statement of gratitude and personal recognition that we consider you an integral part of IFF. We hope to share more with you as we develop our membership program with exclusive events and meetups. All membership cards are for a period of 1 year irrespective of the term of your donation. We aim to dispatch cards every year for those whose support remains active.

What's with the IFF membership goodies?

We will begin dispatches of IFF membership kits by May, 2019 which includes a set of laptop stickers, a mug, and a notebook based on the level of support. These goodies are not meant for sale and sent as a token of our appreciation to our members.

What are IFF quarterly calls and when will they take place?

We plan to organise a quarterly call with IFF leadership which will compose of our executive director and trustees. The first of these will be in May, 2019 and give us an opportunity to listen in to the thoughts and concerns of our supporters.

Why are you asking for a recurring donation ?

Victory on digital rights require long term and strategic advocacy action. Recurring donations help us build a consistent and predictable capital flow to plan our expenses and build capacity. Each rupee counts towards internet freedom.

Who has given money to IFF till now?

Beyond the Trustees who chipped in with initial contributions 370+ people have given money to us over the course of time. The average donation amounts are at Rs. 2,800 with people giving us small sums such as 50-100 rupees as well. We welcome all donations and hope to grow a large, diverse donor base of Indians cutting across all regional, gender, caste and language barriers --- united in the belief of realising their fundamental rights with technology.

How do I cancel my recurring donation?

You can cancel anytime by writing to us at [email protected]. We would encourage you though to keep your donations for a term of a year (at the very least).

Are my payment details safe?

Yes, your payment details are secure. We believe in keeping the absolute least amount of data necessary for keeping in touch (your name and email) and regulatory tax compliance (payment details and your PAN) and will resist overbroad requests for our donor’s data. We lean towards protecting your privacy in line with our policy.

Will I get a receipt to claim a 80G tax exemption?

Yes, we email donors a 80G receipt which is compliant for availing tax benefits. For all valid 80G receipts we require your PAN number which may be sent by email to us. If you want a copy please write to [email protected]. You can read more on our finances and disclosures here.