Jobs and Internships


There are vacancies for the following paid positions.

To apply ping us at [email protected].

Kindly read the detailed job descriptions to guide you through the application pre-requisites and process.

  1. Operations and Organisation Development Manager (rolling applications till October 15, 2018) : Click here for the job description

Public calls for this position are now closed. We thank all applicants.


Depending on our capacity and need, over the year we will keep a limited number of interns from domains not restricted to technology, policy or law. For instance are you an online campaigner ? Or, are you a whiz at web design, infographics or illustrations ? Or, make really good youtube videos for civic education? Apply to us. We need your help.

All internship positions are usually at our office in Delhi (no remote internships) and have a stipend. Our internship programme is with the hope of growing youth leadership in the domain of digital rights and will be for a period of 3 months (applicants wishing to intern for shorter periods need to establish high competence and exceptional circumstances in their covering letter).

So, if you have ideas on how to advance core values of human freedom and the promise of technology, send us an application with your resume, a covering letter describing your interest and how you would you like to contribute to IFF.

Any applications without a covering letter which includes a statement explaining their interest in digital rights will be summarily rejected.

Page last edited October 22, 2018