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At the Internet Freedom Foundation, we fight with courage and strategy to advance liberty, equality, fraternity and social justice in the digital age.

We sustain IFF on a large community of volunteers and donations by ordinary Indians like you. IFF makes monthly disclosures and quarterly calls and is rated by Guidestar and Credibility Alliance. Join IFF and help support people over power and platforms.

We follow radical Transparency and Disclosures

India’s digital rights under threat

While India is racing towards a tech revolution, there is a growing concentration of power and profit that is eroding our fundamental rights. We are witnessing a rise in web censorship, internet shutdowns, surveillance and fresh challenges by artificial intelligence. There is no denying the simple fact: our digital liberties are under constant threat. Technology today is often being seen not only as a friend, but as a Big Brother! It’s time to fight back.

Public advocacy, public victories

We are born out of the net neutrality, movement. Our campaigning roots tie in with policy expertise. IFF’s staff and volunteers weave digital literacy campaigns and special projects. Such advocacy channels the power of an informed community towards government institutions. When that fails, we have a proven record of strategic litigation. We achieve victories with collaboration, strategy, and rigour.

People at IFF

We are a group of fierce organisers, campaigners, designers, lawyers, and technologists who work on a broad range of digital rights issues. Our staff is small (yet, brave). IFF strengthens its work with principles of collaboration and unleashing the power of being a community-centric organisation. Our most important work comes from the labour and initiative of volunteers


Apar Gupta

Founding Director

Anushka Jain

Policy Counsel

Ashlesh Biradar

Campaign and Advocacy Associate

DK Rai

Office Manager

Gayatri Malhotra

Associate Litigation Counsel

Prateek Waghre

Policy Director

Radhika Roy

Associate Litigation Counsel

Shilpa Mariam Joseph

Community Fundraising Associate

Tanmay Singh

Senior Litigation Counsel

Tejasi Panjiar

Associate Policy Counsel

Of-Counsels and Legal Fellows

Gautam Bhatia


Vrinda Bhandari


Abhinav Sekhri


Leadership at IFF

Apar Gupta

Founding Director

He is an accomplished lawyer who directs the operations, programme and staff at IFF. Apar is a lawyer who has practised for several years and for his work has been awarded the Ashoka Fellowship.

Karthik Balakrishnan

Board Co-chair and Trustee

He is a software engineer at and has built most of IFF’s tech assets. Karthik also provides guidance on technical queries and also implements fixes on IFF’s main website as well as other campaign websites and campaigns

Rachita Taneja

Chair and Trustee

She is an artist, activist and the co-founder of Rachita is also the creator of Sanitary Panels. She advises IFF on creating and running public campaigns given her previous expertise in the area and also oversees matters of organisational structuring

Aravind Ravi-Sulekha

Co-Chair and Trustee

Software engineer and entrepreneur at He is a co-founder and trustee and broadly oversees projects being run by volunteers. His experience with tech startups has provided IFF with a deeper understanding of the technology sector

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