Read more about us here. There are three sections which cover our information about IFF, its history, and our approach to work. If you are looking for something specific or have a query reach out to us.

Who we are

We were originally a group of volunteers who worked on the SavetheInternet.in campaign and joined together to incorporate an organisation set up to support research regarding the online freedoms and rights of Indian citizens, and advocate for a free and open internet. Some volunteers are much more active than others and are contributing to the creation of IFF.

We are incorporated as a public charitable trust registered in Delhi, and granted exemptions under Sections 12A and 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act.

The current volunteer trustees are: Apar Gupta, Aravind Ravi Sulekha, Karthik Balakrishnan, Rachita Taneja, Raman Jit Singh Chima, and Rohin Dharmakumar.

Past trustess are: Kiran Jonnalagadda, Nikhil Pahwa

As a legal entity we will operate on principles of transparency, inclusion and community. We believe in part this will be achieved through support and partnership with organisations which work to further our core values.

We are, as a collective, unaffiliated with any political party or organisation. Our belief in an open internet is above whatever political affiliations individual members have.

We are not associated with any company, industry association or non-government organisation. We form our positions independently and implement them through issue specific partnerships.

We come from various backgrounds, from various parts of India, each with different skills and talents.

Our collective includes geeks and enthusiasts from various fields: technology, law, journalism, design, policy. Many of us are entrepreneurs.

The time we donate to the effort is personal time, and given of our own free will. This may change after incorporation but at present no one draws a salary from SavetheInternet.In or IFF.

We are, over time, looking to raise funds from Indians who share our values. These funds will be used to promote and advocate a free and open internet that offers freedom, privacy and innovation. If you would like to help us do this work, please click here.

What we do

We listen: Much of the documentation which was made on the SavetheInternet.in was through crowd funded knowledge and analysis which helped us refine our positions. Putting idea’s of policy to public debate results in credible policy solutions. Our constant effort is to reach out publicly to constantly seek discussion, debate and help. This helps us as much as it helps build practices for responsible citizen engagement.

We mobilise: We create awareness about the the benefits of the open web. The Internet is a public utility and every person has a stake in its development. We help people understand the nuances of complex policy debates and offer them different ways to participate in policy framing and take action for an open web.

We build: Our team of engineers and technologists have built and implemented public participation platforms such as NetNeutrality.in and SavetheInternet.in. Some volunteers also run PrivacyisaRight.in. In future we will run and support other online participation platforms that promote our core values. Projects may also include pure technical tools and fixes.

We advocate: Quite often government processes require a nudge in the right direction. Sometimes they need a deeper sense of questioning. IFF will support the rights of Internet users even in situations when it conflicts with state interests. This may even include situations where we may author legal brief, become petitioners, assist and engage lawyers on issues which align with our core values.

We collaborate: None of the work we do is in isolation. In fact none of it we have done or hope to do can be done without collaborating with a diverse range of persons and institutions. This includes relying on the research and analysis to working with entities on issues which promote our core values. IFF works towards contributing to a robust digital rights ecosystem in India with multiple persons and organisations.

How we work

We’re in different cities. Most of us never met each other before the SavetheInternet.in campaign. Even today people who we have never met us volunteer time coming in with fresh ideas and energy.

We work from wherever we are, using whatever devices we have at hand, via anything from phone calls to chat rooms.
At present our group is loosely organised; problems are discussed, solutions arrived at, individuals put up their hands to implement the solutions. Sometimes individuals see a problem, go off and solve it, then bring the solution to the group for discussion. We aim for rough consensus and running solutions.

Of course there are arguments. Ferocious ones sometimes. Some of these have taken place in public view. We understand that we are not fighting; we’re just trying to understand differing points of view about complex subjects and come to a common ground that the collective is comfortable with.

Our model is still centered around a collective where people volunteer. This will change over time as we incorporate. Any organisation works on the basis of a formal division of work. We aim to achieve the efficiency this offers through professional management without letting go of transparency, inclusiveness and our volunteers. IFF has its roots in a volunteer community and it will continue to do so.