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Welcome to my birthday fundraiser page!
My name is Krupa and I’m about to turn 26. You have come to the right place to make it a great one! This is a fundraiser for the Internet Freedom Foundation, a non-profit run by some truly incredible people who do important work on a range of issues like net neutrality, freedom of expression, privacy, and innovation, and advocate for YOUR constitutional rights in a digital India.
Right now we are witnessing a meteoric rise in internet shutdowns, surveillance and web censorship, not to mention the new challenges coming up every day with the rise of artificial intelligence. We are also seeing a rise in breaches of confidential data and no one wins when our digital rights and digital lives are threatened.
I’m a fan of all things tech, but technology is evolving faster than policies and policymakers can keep up with it. The work done by the IFF is crucial to stand up for our rights and prevent overreach and abuse of the loopholes and failings of our current set of policies, and also make sure we don’t end up with half-baked and poorly understood policies in the future.
The IFF has a wide range of digital issues that they work on both online and offline. They have contested internet shutdowns all over the country, advocated for transparency and accountability in the use of facial recognition technology in India, and provided pro-bono legal assistance to journalists in India. They also regularly create fantastic high-quality and well-researched content on their social media to help us all understand the issues on the table and how and why it affects us.
The IFF functions through a (kind of awesome) donation subscription model. However, the recent RBI mandate was a hard hit that stopped 70% of their regular donations from coming in. In response, the IFF has set up a fundraiser for INR 30 lakhs, which will sustain it and the work carried out by its members well into 2022, and my fundraiser is a part of that. Please consider donating to this fundraiser and help IFF keep its ship sailing smoothly. No amount is too small!

Here's how you can host a fundraiser for IFF:

Hosting a fundraiser for IFF can be your way of joining this crucial, timely, and urgent fight for our digital rights. While systemic fundraising brings in the resources and finances that are key for our strategic litigation, policy, and digital literacy work, hosting a fundraiser paves the way to build a sense of community and enhances engagement with the cause which, in IFF’s case, is the ultimate one upon which everything else is founded - the constitutional rights of the people of India!

We understand that the idea of hosting a fundraiser may seem daunting and that you may have several questions on how to start, whom to contact, and what to ensure in order to turn your efforts into a mutual success. Here's a quick guide to help you every step of the way!

You can start by filling up this form or write to us at [email protected] and our fundraising team will help you set up a fundraiser.

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