Internet Freedom Device Drive!

We have raised Rs. 3,19,800/1000000 so far

Why do we need your help?

COVID-19 hit us hard but we are not taking it lying down. We are accelerating the pace of our work and growing a digital rights community. The team at Internet Freedom Foundation is working hard to ensure that our mission continues even as social distancing guidelines and restrictions have caused us to shift the way we operate.

We need to upgrade our cyber security infrastructure since our small team of 6 staffers has moved remotely due to the ongoing pandemic. This unexpected shift from physical spaces towards complete online dependency has required most of us to utilise personal computing devices (we have purchased one office laptop in the past). As we do more civic literacy, we also need to harden our cyber security and need to make essential investments for it.

We need your help to raise money to upgrade our resources for ease of work. Most of the staff members at IFF are still using their own personal devices for work purposes which is less than ideal. If we’ve learned anything from the pandemic as a society, it’s that technology and internet access is essential to our everyday life and that there’s a need to extend and re-purpose our technology. We are launching the Internet Freedom Device Drive hoping to be able to raise about Rs. 10,00,000. This is a substantial sum of money with which we hope to be able to purchase 5 laptops, software licenses, YubiKeys and high speed internet connection for all the staff members for a year.

Here’s are ways in which you can help us:

In order to make our organisation more efficient and effective, we need your help. To start this conversation, please reach out to us at [email protected]


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How else can I help?

We need all hands on deck. If you are an individual or organisation that is interested in our work, reach out to us. Join the Internet Freedom Forum and interact directly with the IFF staff and leadership. Get involved in sustained conversations on digital rights with the larger community. You can also write to us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you.

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