IFF files PIL against the PUBG Ban in Gujarat.

Remember the PUBG Ban in Gujarat which led to the arrest of at least twenty one people? Well, we decided that it was time to do something about such arbitrary bans which use the threat of imprisonment to force youngsters to give up recreational activities. We have filed a PIL before the Gujarat High Court challenging the PUBG Ban and the subsequent arrests as violative of Articles 14, 19 and 21 of the Constitution. We are being represented by an incredible litigation team consisting of Mr. Asim Pandya and Mr. Manan Bhatt. We expect that the matter will be listed for hearing in a week or two and we will keep you updated.

Why have you filed this challenge?

Yes, while we are thankful for the public statement by the Ahmedabad police that the ban will not be renewed, there is nothing stopping it legally from happening. What is worse are the legal prosecutions that have resulted from it. While the PUBG ban may seem absurd and amusing at first glance, it is no laughing matter. Out of the twenty one people arrested, at least thirteen were young college students  For a young student who is worried about his family’s reaction and future career prospects, being arrested by the police can be a deeply traumatic experience. To us the PUBG Ban is fuelled by moral panic and the harms from video games require scientific study and then non-legal methods of engagement.

We, at IFF, promise to keep fighting against such arbitrary and disproportionate bans, and we hope you will support us by becoming a member.

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