LiveLaw for IFF: October Fundraiser

We have raised Rs. 381000/800000 so far

As most of our activities move online, so must our fundamental rights. The Internet Freedom Foundation is on a mission to protect and advance democratic freedoms and constitutional rights for every Indian in a digital society. Our independence and courage has been supported by more than 3500 individual Indian donors like you. We need your support to continue defending your digital rights in today’s landscape. Help us meet our expenses of Rs. 8 lakhs for the month of October. All of this money will be used effectively and with real impact to defend your constitutional rights.

Why support us?

Every day, we work hard to protect your digital rights and freedoms through strategic litigation, policy and parliamentary engagement, and grassroots advocacy efforts. This year, we’ve seen some big wins for digital rights.

Radical transparency delivered every month

At IFF, we advocate for transparency. We understand that our donors expect the same from us. So every month, we proactively release our monthly financial disclosures. In addition to this, we will soon begin to publish business transacted by the Board, line items in the finance manual, our budget, and internal process guides. We have a standing call with our members every quarter to update them on our activities, hear their feedback, and answer any questions. We also organise rapid response calls with our members to discuss emerging legal issues, such as the recent Draft Telecommunications Bill.

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Help IFF scale up by making a donation for digital rights. Really, when it comes to free speech online, digital privacy, net neutrality and innovation — we got your back!