Standing Committee on IT can do more to #SaveOurPrivacy

In April, we corresponded with the Parliament’s Standing Committee on Information Technology when we learnt that it was conducting hearings on ‘Citizen’s Data Security and Privacy’, following the Cambridge Analytica revelations and the longer discussion in India around data privacy. Last week we learned that the Committee has

Dear Prime Minister KeepUsOnline

Just like you, we really do care about the internet. It acts as an engine for our economy, allows incredible amounts of individual expression and fosters social connections like never before. Much of the progress we have made is under threat as governments shut down the Internet in different parts

Standing Committee on IT must act to Save Our Privacy

Today, the Internet Freedom Foundation, wrote a letter to the Parliament’s Standing Committee on Information Technology, chaired by Shri Anurag Thakur and composed of Members of Parliament from both houses, on the hearings set up by it on the subject of ‘Citizen’s Data Security and Privacy’. In this

IFF urges Justice Srikrishna to Save Our Privacy

Today, the Internet Freedom Foundation, an organization born from the movement for Net Neutrality, filed it's submission to the Justice Srikrishna Committee on Data Protection. This committee which has been tasked with framing India's data protection law is an important step in ensuring the online privacy for people

TRAI’s recommendations are another big victory for Net Neutrality - but follow up action is needed!

IFF notes with appreciation the recommendations issued by Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on Net Neutrality despite push back from some quarters of the telecommunication industry against any additional regulations. By taking a decisive stand on upholding Net Neutrality, TRAI has built upon the strong foundation it had laid

Aadhaar undermines informational privacy and data protection

When the Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF) was launched more than a year ago, we had a spirited conversation on taking forward our work from and net neutrality. What brought us together was a shared passion for protecting the open internet and the digital rights of users. We strongly