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Whether it is the Broadcasting Bill infringing on your right to free expression while throttling innovative new mediums, the surprise bulldozed introduction of the repackaged Jurassic Telegraph Act under a new name, enabling and empowering state surveillance, or the rumoured impending Digital Personal Data Protection Rules under the disappointing DPDP Act which barely protects our data - in the face of the 2024 General Elections, our digital liberties are under a direct attack from all directions. It is now, more than ever, important to stand up and fight for our fundamental rights online. 

But we can’t do this without you. In 2023, we face a whopping gap of over INR 23 Lakhs between our income and expenditure. This puts us in a tough position as more enormous challenges mount against our digital liberties; with declining civic space and fundraising avenues, our operational costs continue eating into our organisational savings. This exhaustive gap means we can’t sustain our campaigns; we can’t grow and take on the ever-mounting challenges to free, open and safe internet for all. 

The Internet Freedom Foundation has been a people's movement since Day 0. Individual donors like you have consistently stood with us over the years through our victories and losses. The unwavering support of everyday citizens allows us to continue speaking truth to power in these challenging times. Your faith in us has kept us going. We are reaching out to you again to help us bridge this gap and sustain the work we do.

2023, the year it has been.

2023 has been an eventful year for digital rights, both good and bad. Unfortunately, there are still some more worrying concerns that need to be addressed to ensure the protection of digital freedoms.

Millions under internet shutdowns for 200+ days, frequent instances of data breaches, threats to privacy, and newer ways of carrying out mass surveillance as means of tracking - the list is endless. All this is backed by disappointing legislation like the DPDPA, ever-so-confusing criminal codes, and the all-encompassing regulatory ambit of the government (courtesy: the Broadcasting Bill, 2023), and so on and on and on.  Phew! As previously mentioned, the year was eventful in every sense, indeed.

It can be overwhelming and discouraging to take in such news. However, our community has supported our work since the very beginning, and we pledge to continue fighting. 

When we stand for privacy, freedom of speech, net neutrality, and innovation, we are advocating for your right to self-determination and control over your online and offline destiny.

Your support has been instrumental so far. Now, we are faced with the opportunity to do even more, but we cannot do it alone. We are reaching out to our community of compassionate individuals, like yourself, to join us in this crucial journey of defending your digital liberties. 

Where are your financial transparency reports?

We believe in radical transparency and feel a sense of accountability towards all our donors. We want you to know what you're funding. Here are our reports:

Our fight, your rights

2023 has been instrumental in ways we did not imagine. Even with the overbearing gap of over INR 23 Lakhs, we put up a strong defence against an array of disappointing legislation to protect your digital liberties. The list is not exhaustive though - We have launched #PlugTheBreach to track data breaches, sustained support of DPDC’s pro-bono legal assistance in courtrooms, assisted FMP in its petition seeking guidelines for search and seizure of your digital devices, and contributed to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs' revised guidelines on regulating dark patterns. We also picked up the old fight of defending net neutrality, and most recently, with the #LetUsChill campaign, we have said NO to censorship. All of this has been possible because of your support. We want to continue doing what we do best- defend your digital rights. So, we urge you to fundraise for us and donate.

What can you do to help us urgently?

  • Donating directly to the fundraiser through this page.
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  • Share our mission within your network. Increasing awareness can attract more support and resources to make an even greater impact.

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