Press Release: STI helps users inform Facebook that they were not informed

The Coalition has launched a tool which helps people inform Facebook directly, with a notice to TRAI, that Facebook failed to pass TRAI’s message to them. Over 300 people have used this tool within an hour of it becoming available.

The tool is available at

On January 1, TRAI had instructed Facebook to share a message with their supporters, asking them to email TRAI answering the questions that TRAI had raised in the consultation paper on Differential Pricing for Data Services. On January 7, TRAI wrote to Facebook again asking for confirmation of compliance because they couldn’t find any evidence of Facebook having acted on their directive.

This tool was created by the Coalition following a straw poll of 551 twitter users, 95 percent of which said that they had not received any message from Facebook, following TRAI’s request. A follow-up poll received 2816 responses of which again 90.6% said they had not seen the message.

Thus, has requested people to tell Facebook directly, with a notice to TRAI, to ensure that TRAI is made aware of Facebook’s lack of action.