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AB PM-JAY counts patients but discounts patient privacy

NHA’s health security scheme, AB PM-JAY, is a rich repository of sensitive personal data from patient beneficiaries across India – but NHA’s habit of publicly displaying personal patient data coupled with weak privacy safeguards makes it a breeding ground for privacy violations.
04 January, 2024
10 min read

Civil Society’s second opinion on a UHI prescription

Read our response to the consultation paper on Operationalising the Unified Health Interface in India. We collaborated with the Centre for Health Equity, Law & Policy, the Centre for Internet & Society, & the Forum for Medical Ethics Society to submit comments on the paper.
14 January, 2023
6 min read


Second time’s not the charm: Health Data Management Policy misses the mark again

IFF wrote to the National Health Authority (NHA) as part of the consultation conducted for the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission’s Draft Health Data Management Policy (“Draft policy"). Through our comments, we highlight legal, socio-economic and implementation issues.
23 May, 2022
6 min read

IFF submits its comments on the Draft Health Data Retention Policy

IFF has provided our comments on the Consultation Paper on Proposed Health Data Retention Policy. In our comments, we have tried to highlight the harms of mandatory data retention, issues around a fragmented healthcare regime and data portability issues.
06 January, 2022
7 min read


Read our Joint Letter with C-Help & FMES to NHA on CoWIN’s updated API #SaveOurPrivacy

We wrote to the National Health Authority with C-Help & FMES on their updated API which would allow government and private entities to know the vaccination status of individuals.
05 October, 2021
6 min read


IFF's recommendations for the United Health Interface

IFF has submitted its comments on the NDHM’s consultation paper on the Unified Health Interface.Our comments are focused on five key issues: the need for diverse feedback, market capture by the private sector, digital exclusion, financial exploitation, and the need for public digital infrastructure.
24 August, 2021
5 min read


Analysing the NDHM’s Health Data Management Policy: Part 2

Along with the Centre for Health Equity, Law, and Policy, we have drafted a working paper analysing the NDHM's Health Data Management Policy. Here, we look at issues of consent and confidentiality, data privacy and security, exclusion, and private sector access to health data.
15 July, 2021
11 min read

Analysing the NDHM’s Health Data Management Policy: Part 1

We have drafted a working paper on the National Digital Health Mission’s Health Data Management Policy with the Centre for Health Equity, Law, and Policy. This post is part 1 of our analysis.
17 June, 2021
9 min read


Delhi Government’s gag order on information on mucormycosis

Recently, the Delhi Government issued a notification prohibiting anyone from sharing any information on mucormycosis without the prior permission of the Government. IFF has sent the Government a legal notice urging it to rescind this overbroad order.
03 June, 2021
6 min read

Joint Statement: Ensure equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines and health care resources

> > > > India is in a crisis. As people across the country battle the second wave of COVID-19, ensuring equitable, fast and easy access to healthcare, medicines and the vaccines is critical. The undersigned organizations and persons call on the Central Government, State Governments, Health Secretaries of the Union and the States, and the District Magistrates to ensure that the vaccination process focuses on increasing reach and accessibility, that there are no onerous ID requirements, inclu
11 May, 2021
5 min read

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