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Analysing the NDHM’s Health Data Management Policy: Part 2

Along with the Centre for Health Equity, Law, and Policy, we have drafted a working paper analysing the NDHM's Health Data Management Policy. Here, we look at issues of consent and confidentiality, data privacy and security, exclusion, and private sector access to health data.

Analysing the NDHM’s Health Data Management Policy: Part 1

We have drafted a working paper on the National Digital Health Mission’s Health Data Management Policy with the Centre for Health Equity, Law, and Policy. This post is part 1 of our analysis.

Delhi Government’s gag order on information on mucormycosis

Recently, the Delhi Government issued a notification prohibiting anyone from sharing any information on mucormycosis without the prior permission of the Government. IFF has sent the Government a legal notice urging it to rescind this overbroad order.

Joint Statement: Ensure equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines and health care resources

As India battles the second wave of COVID-19, 1500+ people and organisations are calling on the government to ensure that the vaccination process focuses on increasing reach and accessibility, that there are no onerous ID requirements, and that health data is not misused.

Move fast, break things? Not when sensitive health data is at stake! #SaveOurPrivacy

We wrote to the National Health Authority seeking enactment of general and sectoral data protection laws and meaningful public consultation prior to deployment of any national digital health ID programme.

National Digital Health Mission Data Policy Consultation: Not now, not like this, not without all of us! #SaveOurPrivacy

Post Delhi HC hearing, a follow up representation was sent by the petitioner highlighting continuing violation of statutory obligations and urging the government to re-calculate deadline for submission of feedback after implementing recommended changes.

Delhi HC directs govt to consider representation regarding national Health Data Management Policy #SaveOurPrivacy

The petition heard by the Delhi HC raised concerns about the unreasonably short deadline for submission of feedback at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and highlighted how the existing process excludes persons with disabilities, non-English speakers and people without internet access.