Wrapped 2022, Unwrapped 2023

As the year comes to a close, we here at IFF wanted to take a moment to thank you for your amazing support. Thanks to you, in 2022 we were able to accomplish some impressive feats, including:

  • PolicyGPT for drafting public consultation responses (Every sentence starts with, “We appreciate the chance to submit our views, but…”)
  • A crypto exchange called "Doglapan" for funding digital rights (It's still in stealth and we are trying to secure IPL advertising rights)
  • A social media network for absolute, free speech (57.5% of users voted to shut it down)

Seriously though, IFF achieved some remarkable results last year, we:

  • Analyzed, engaged with, and educated tens of thousands of ordinary Indians on the potential impact of proposed rulemaking that could impact their privacy and user rights with over 10 million impressions across our social media handles. This was just not memes but high quality writing with 40+ op-eds in leading Indian newspapers on developments such as the Telecom or Data Protection Bill.
  • Participated in 14 government consultations and authored 7 public briefs on a range of issues, from platform accountability to internet shutdowns. We sent 103 letters and representations, filed 218 RTI requests, 47 first appeals, and argued 8 cases before the Chief Information Commission. IFF's work was cited widely in Parliament, government consultations, and received hundreds of media mentions.
  • Convened two flagship events, "Impolite Conversations" (with Newslaundry) & "Privacy Supreme", and organized 3 quarterly calls as well as 5 briefing calls for members. IFF organized 8 online events hosting experts and the staff spoke at 60 numbers of external events. We partnered with at least 20 civil society organizations for joint statements, events & submissions.
  • Provided legal support in 10 cases for strategic litigation and clinical support to 38 journalists through the Digital Patrakar Defence Clinic (DPDC). We were successful in getting the VLCPlayer unblocked, restoring internet access in several districts in West Bengal, and providing legal assistance in the only constitutional challenge to CERT-In's VPN rules.

More detail is available in our year end posts (click here).

So how did IFF grow organisationally?

Anandita, Farkhanda, Krishnesh, Rohin, and Shivani transitioned out of their roles at IFF after completing an average of two years or more. We wish them the best and will continue to support them in their future endeavors. Meanwhile, our tiny team has grown with the addition of Gayatri, Gautam, Prateek, Ramya, Tejasi, and Shilpa. We encourage you to reach out to any of us with any advice or offers to volunteer your time. You can find us on email, the IFF Forum, and “IFF Chats” (click here) - your tech policy telegram group. Continuing our journey to be a truly public centered organization IFF’s board formalized by-laws, increased governance disclosures, and will commence a public process to induct two trustees next year.

As you may know, last year fundraising results at IFF showed a lag. It is concerning that we have a monthly burn rate of 40-50% (individual donations in 2022 averaged INR 4,00,998, while our costs totaled INR 888,383 per month) that is primarily covered by organizational donations. This is not sustainable in the long run, which is why we're turning to you, our valued members, for help. By setting up a monthly mandate, you can help us continue our important work independently and effectively. Your support is crucial to our success, and every donation counts. So please, consider donating today and help us make a difference. And if you're feeling extra generous, don't hesitate to spread the word about IFF and encourage others to support us as well. We need your help to keep moving forward next year. Donate today (click here), set up a mandate and commit for next year!

What’s in store next year?

More awesomeness! While IFF may not be able to save the world next year, all of us are excited about the possibilities and the continued impact we can make with your help. You can view our implementation plan for 2023 (click here) and give us feedback. We presented this in person on December 22, 2022 to our Delhi Community and look forward to your suggestions and support.

IFF promises to keep your hope in constitutionalism and digitization alive and hope to carry through our commitments throughout the year. All of us wish you a great new year ahead and holidays full of joy with your loved ones. Let us rest and replenish and keep the faith!