Complete Net Neutrality in India. One step closer to the finish line.

Complete Net Neutrality in India. One step closer to the finish line. Towards yesterday evening we heard news that the Telecom Commission had among other things approved TRAI’s recommendations on net neutrality. The Process Last November, the TRAI made recommendations to expressly prohibit discriminatory treatment of content (more information

We demand disclosure on India's shutdown law #KeepUsOnline

Last week we made considerable progress in our mission to reform India’s Internet Shutdown laws. This work has been extensively covered by The Wire in an opinion piece titled, “The Worst Aspect of India’s Internet Shutdowns Is the Official Secrecy About It”, and “Jan Gan Man Ki Baat,

#SaveOurPrivacy a community project powered by IFF

Today we launched a community, public interest project called, “Save Our Privacy” to assist an effort to put forth a model, citizens bill on data protection that safeguards your right to privacy. This model bill is titled as the, "Indian Privacy Code, 2018", has been drafted by a

Stop the "Social Media Communication Hub" #SaveOurPrivacy

We often feel we are under constant watch. Our data is gathered continuously and analysed by social networking websites. It can't get worse, or can it? Well, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting now wants to surveil our social media activities by creating a “Social Media Communication Hub”. Through a

Ministry of Telecom, call us maybe? #KeepUsOnline

Just like us, sometimes the government does not wake up to the first-morning alarm. But we ask the Ministry of Telecom to stop pressing the snooze button on the issue of Internet Shutdowns. Network disruptions require urgent policy and legal intervention. When we launched, KeepUsOnline campaign more than 16,000

Standing Committee on IT can do more to #SaveOurPrivacy

In April, we corresponded with the Parliament’s Standing Committee on Information Technology when we learnt that it was conducting hearings on ‘Citizen’s Data Security and Privacy’, following the Cambridge Analytica revelations and the longer discussion in India around data privacy. Last week we learned that the Committee has